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Citfin - expert in foreign exchange and foreign payment services

Citfin Group is an entirely home-grown Czech company with a current portfolio of more than 14,700 clients. It has been providing comprehensive services on the Czech financial market since 1996, primarily for corporate clients and individual entrepreneurs trading with foreign countries. Citfin products are:

hodnota kurzu

Currency J. Mid
Australian dollar - Kurz AUDAUD 1 16.4202
Danish krone - Kurz DKKDKK 1 3.4480
Euro - Kurz EUREUR 1 25.7170
 - Kurz JPYJPY 100 20.4200
Canadian dollar - Kurz CADCAD 1 17.2245
Hungarian Forint - Kurz HUFHUF 100 7.9600
Norwegian krone - Kurz NOKNOK 1 2.6584
Polish Zloty - Kurz PLNPLN 1 5.9790
Romanian new leu - Kurz RONRON 1 5.5252
Russian ruble - Kurz RUBRUB 100 33.4200
Swedish krona - Kurz SEKSEK 1 2.4556
Swiss Franc - Kurz CHFCHF 1 22.6650
U.S. Dollars - Kurz USDUSD 1 22.5400
British Pounds - Kurz GBPGBP 1 28.6900
 today 21:53

Products and services

EASY corporate multi-currency account

Do you seek to maintain control over your finances? Open EASY corporate multi-currency account, which can be held in up to 29 currencies under one single account number.

  • 3 europayments per month free of charge, all other EUR payments for only CZK 20.60
  • incoming foreign and domestic payments are processed free of charge
  • favourable interest rates for foreign currencies held on a corporate account
  • attractive exchange rates without any limits
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Foreign exchange and foreign payment services

Do you wish to exchange foreign currencies conveniently and quickly? We offer individual exchange rates, without any limits. Citfin always offers optimal solution for every our client.

  • attractive exchange rates
  • simple entry of payment orders
  • reduced costs compared with similar services provided by other financial institutions
  • an individual approach to clients, including telephone consultations regarding the currently applicable exchange rates and their anticipated future development
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Derivative transactions (forward contracts and swaps)

Intended for clients who wish to be secured against exchange rate risks.
Short forward contract without a deposit (with the condition of the settlement within 10 calendar days). Then the amount of the deposit is only 5%.

  • Ensure against unfavorable trends of the exchange rate.
  • Forward contract exchange transactions can also be carried out in a “cross” manner whereby foreign currency is purchased and sold without the involvement of CZK in the exchange trade.
  • Term trades with a validity of up to 1 year can be arranged in the standard manner, by phone through our Dealing Department.
  • Low limits for concluding derivative transactions starting at EUR 10,000 or USD 10,000 (in other currencies: equivalent to USD 10,000).
  • Time-saving – with derivative exchange transactions you no longer need to constantly monitor changing trends on the forex market.
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Exchange orders

Exchange Orders make automatic trades, when your predefined rate is reached on the forex market. With Citfin you can set-up the automatic monitoring of exchange rates 24 hours a day and you no longer need to constantly monitor changing trends on the forex market.
We offer 2 types of Exchange Orders – TAKE PROFIT ORDER and STOP LOSS ORDER.

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BankServis Internet banking

We consider an efficient Internet banking as a crucial instrument for the operation of the Client’s bank account. Our Internet banking system is user friendly and your business account can be managed 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


Related advisory services

Citfin financial analysts are available daily to assist you, not only on the www.citfin.cz website, but also for telephone consultations concerning the current exchange rates and their anticipated future development on the forex market. We also offer monitoring of exchange rates and foreign exchange news.

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Ask our analysts

Foto Jiří Rys
Jiří Rys jiri.rys@citfin.cz +420 234 092 166
Foto Jiří Šimek
Jiří Šimek jiri.simek@citfin.cz +420 234 092 025

General contacts

Ikona sluchátka Green line
0800 333 010 800 311 010
0800 333 010 0800 333 010

Ikona recepce Reception
+ 420 234 092 000

Ikona emailu E-mail

Opening hours

Monday - Friday (8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.)

Invoice details

    Citfin - Finanční trhy, a.s.

  • Company ID: 250 79 069
  • VAT reg. no.: CZ25079069
  • Account number: 1002091 /2060

    Citfin, spořitelní družstvo

  • Company ID: 257 83 301
  • VAT reg. no.: CZ25783301
  • Account number: 1002083 /2060

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